Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall Marketing Internship at Hubspot

Here's another great internship opportunity for the fall! See below for all the details. Contact to apply.

HubSpot, a Cambridge-based marketing software company, is looking for an exceptional intern for its marketing team this fall.

We need a whip-smart, analytical communicator who isn't afraid to do some heavy-lifting in order to get a foot in the door at one of Boston's most exciting startups.

Here are a few of the requirements:
  • Marketing excites you.
  • You're analytical.
  • You write like Hemingway.
  • You're a media maker. (You don't go anywhere or do anything without writing about it, taking pictures or shooting video and posting it on the web.)
  • You use online social networks.
  • You understand the principles of search engine optimization.
  • You're ambitious and you work hard.
  • You're fun to be around.
This is a part-time paid internship that will last through the fall. We expect to hire a college student, but are open to other possibilities. If you have a blog or an online media portfolio of some sort, please share it with us.

One last thing: We're looking for people who get what we do. Check out our blog (, follow us on Twitter, be our fan on Facebook, then drop us a line at

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