Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pub Club Scholarship - Deadline May 1, 2009

The Publicity Club of New England awards the annual William M. Cavanaugh student grant of $1,000 each spring as part of our mission to foster a community of public relations professionals. The grant application is open to juniors or seniors studying in an accredited journalism, public relations or communications program at a New England college. A recommendation by an internship/work supervisor or faculty member who has extensive knowledge of the student's abilities, work ethic and anticipated career path must accompany the application. 

The application and supporting material should be completed in full and submitted electronically to the Publicity Club of New England's Scholarship Coordinators. Please find the electronic application by following this link: http://www.pubclub.org/scholarships.php

Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday May 1st, 2009. Please send questions to scholarship@pubclub.org.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

E-Board Positions Up for ReElection

The Duties and Obligations of Boston University’s PRSSA Executive Board Members:

All Positions

  • ·      Attend weekly BU PRSSA meetings
  • ·      Attend weekly E-Board meetings
  • ·      Network at various professional events on behalf of BU PRSSA
  • ·      Speaker outreach


  • ·      Must be a former board member to apply
  • ·      Serves as the principal administrative office and coordinator of the Executive Board
  • ·      Must develop and implement a strategic plan for the chapter building on the plans created by previous boards
  • ·      Advise and instruct members on the policies and procedures of the society
  • ·      Organize agenda and preside over meetings
  • ·      Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees, and overall operations of chapter
  • ·      Maintain communication with the chapter on a weekly basis
  • ·      Be dedicated to serving the needs of the members and the preservation and success of the chapter as a whole
  • ·      Manage PRSSA e-mail account and respond to inquiries
  • ·      Plan to attend PRSSA Nationals – President Trip Paid

 Executive Vice President – FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Organize monthly agency tours within Boston (and New York, if possible)
  • ·      Be informed of, disseminate information about, and encourage participation in National and Regional Events
  • ·      Must assist the president in coordinating and directing committee activities and chapter operations and perform duties of chapter president if president is absent
  • ·      Work with the VP of Public Relations to publicize chapter events
  • ·      Identify and fulfill programming needs of general membership
  • ·      Announce PRSSA scholarship opportunities and BU PRSSA Scholarship Award 


  • ·      Be responsible for recording of minutes at all executive board meetings, general membership meetings and handle the appropriate distribution of these minutes
  • ·      Manage regular meeting sign in
  • ·      Update PRSSA Graduate Directory
  • ·      Be responsible for preparing and presenting framed Thank You certificates to speakers
  • ·      Responsible for updating and maintaining chapter collateral materials
  • ·      In charge of room reservations for all meetings and events

 Vice President of Finances (Treasurer): FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Collect chapter and national dues and forward national dues to PRSSA headquarters
  • ·      Keep record of Chapter Members contact information – Official List
  • ·      Provide financial reports periodically to chapter membership.
  • ·      Work with the chapter president in preparing the annual budget and be responsible for approving allocation of resources
  • ·      Be responsible for obtaining purchase orders through SAO
  • ·      Be responsible for identifying fundraising needs, as well as developing and implementing fundraising programs
  • ·      Attend Town Hall meetings at SAO and support any AB Funding requests and SAO Professional Advisor

Vice President of PRSSAgency:

  • ·      Be responsible for maintaining internal and external public relations
  • ·      Act as the coordinator of PRSSAgency, develop a mission for the student run firm and plan for its growth
  • ·      Act as the contact person for clients and account managers
  • ·      Appoint Account Coordinators for all clients
  • ·      Create contracts for clients
  • ·      Hold monthly Agency meetings to update clients and the Chapter
  • ·      Be responsible for any media relations relating to the chapter

 Professional Outreach Coordinator:

  • ·      Communicate between PRSA, BWC, PubClub and various Professional Chapters in Boston
  • ·      Communicate PRSA events to the general membership and be aware of financial support available to participants
  • ·      Be able to attend PRSA Boston events regularly, and recruit members to attend
  • ·      Be responsible for networking with PRSA members and securing speakers for meetings
  • ·      Provide significant support to the Advanced Conference Event Planning Committee whenever necessary, specifically in:
  • o    Non-BU PRSSA chapter recruitment and participation
  • o   Professional/Speaker recruitment and participation

Social Media Coordinator:

  • ·      Update BU PRSSA Blog daily
  • ·      Maintain Facebook, TWITTER and alum outreach
  • ·      Keep chapter up to date with new social media opportunities

Social Chair:

  • ·      Recruit a social committee where necessary
  • ·      Lead the committee to plan the Holiday and End-of- Year parties, and any other appropriate social meetings or events.
  • ·      Organize Mentorship Program
  • ·      Plan fundraising events for Chapter programs

Advanced Conference Event Coordinator – FULL YEAR POSITION

  • ·      Must be a past member of the PR Advanced Committee (at least one semester)
  • ·      Work with any fellow event coordinators from outside of BU
  • ·      Plan the Advanced Conference
  • ·      Manage and oversee all Advanced Conference Planning Committee activities

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bates Communications - Thursday, April 9th @ 5:00 PM COM 101

Bates Communications is a strategic consulting firm specializing in leadership development in communication skills.

Bates' experienced coaches work with executives and professionals to help them communicate effectively with their important audiences. Since its founding in 2000, the company has established a national reputation for its outstanding executive coaching program, as well as innovative workshops, training and development. The firm has a variety of clients in many industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, biotech, and pharmaceutical, professional services, government and non-profit. Founder, President and CEO Suzanne Bates is a former television anchor, a writer, a speaker, and author of Speak Like a CEO (McGraw Hill 2005). 

Our speaker will be Meredith O'Connor, Marketing/Communications Director. She is responsible for planning and executing the marketing activities of the firm. Meredith has been with the firm since 2005 and began her career in helping to promote Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results (McGraw Hill 2005), by President and CEO Suzanne Bates.

Meredith's role as Marketing Communications Director includes planning the firm's marketing and branding strategy, executing marketing campaigns, achieving publicity for the firm, planning events and seminars, and assisting in business development efforts and sales strategy. She also plays an integral role in the development of client programs and curriculum. 

Meredith graduated from Westfield STate College in 2005 with a B.A. in Mass Communications, focusing in Public and Corporate Communication. At Westfield State College, Meredith was a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the communications honor society, and MassPIRG, the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with an overall GPA of 3.6.