Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Time to PaRty!

You've all worked extremely hard this year, and now it's time to celebrate all that you've accomplished! Christen, our social chair, and the social committee, has done a great job helping to coordinate our awesome End of the Year Party!

Finale: Thursday, April 24, 6-7:30 p.m.
Join us to celebrate a great year of PRSSAwesomeness at Finale, a renowned restaurant that specializes in delectable desserts! Kim Moore, Director of Branding & Communications will speak with us about her experiences in co-founding one of the most delicious companies in the United States. We also are honored to say that Professor Quigley and many of our past-presidents will be joining us at this event, so it will definitely be a wonderful evening.
As much as we would love to foot the bill for this event, it's a bit out of our budget. If you plan on attending and would like to treat yourself, please expect to spend anywhere from $8-$13. Keep an eye out for an e-vite! We hope you can make it!
Also, if you would like to get involved to help plan this event, please e-mail The more help, the better this party will be!
As usual, if you have any questions, please e-mail

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Congratulations to Our 2008-9 Executive Board!

I'd like to congratulate our newly elected 2008-9 Executive Board! We thank everyone who ran, and wish we could have more e-board positions! All of the candidates were extremely impressive, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was very difficult in deciding who to elect. We hope anyone who was not elected will be able to show their PRSSAwesomeness through PRSSAgency, the Advanced Conference, and the other great opportunities we have for all you All-Stars to shine!

2008-9 Executive Board:
President: Alexandra Karadimas
Vice President: Chelsea Alexander
Treasurer: Emily O'Toole
Secretary: Christen Wong
Fall VP of PR: Becky Steinberg
Spring VP of PR: Laura Schroeder
PRSA Liaison: Darren DeLuca
Event Coordinator: Heather Papsun
Social Chair: Rachel Sprung

Again, congratulations! We look forward to a great year!

PRSSAgency News

We will be holding a PRSSAgency meeting Thursday, April 10th; 5 p.m.; GSU Terrace Lounge (2nd floor) to discuss changes and improvements for next year. If you have been involved with PRSSAgency or would like to get involved next year, please stop by and share your two cents.

Relay for Life is coming up this Friday, April 11th! If you can't make it to the event you can still help out by donating to our PRSSAwesome Relay team. Just follow this link to make a donation online:

MLK Jr. Peace Concert featuring Braddigan (formerly Dispatch), Amy Steinberg, Love in Stockholm, Delhill, and The Powers That Be will be happening April 26th; 8 p.m.; GSU Metcalf Ballroom. Have you bought your ticket yet? They're still on sale. Get your ticket and a FREE Peace shirt at the GSU.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

PRSSAgency Success with NEEC account!

Exceeding our expectations, the T-shirt Design Contest produced 22 clever and playfull designs! Now, our team is feverishly planning the Launch Party to reveal the winners. Look out for more details regarding the Launch Party as it will truely be an event you won't want to miss, complete with fashion show, chic finger food and of course, designer sunglasses!

Also, if you're interetsed in modeling in the fashion show contact Laura (

Special shout out to the dedicated members making this possible: Ross Peizer, Laura Schroeder, Lauren Brown, Erica Wolff, Mike DiSalvo, Vickie Han, Darren DeLuca, Colleen Canty, Rachel Levi and Eleanor Englund

Friday, April 4, 2008

E-board Meet and Greet!

While enjoying coffee, bagels and "schmear" at the e-board meet and greet, we played a surprisingly fun and informative ice-breaker. Thanks go out to Christen, Social Chair, for putting the breakfast together, Alex, Treasurer, for home-made muffins and Professor Quigley, Faculty Advisor, for joining us!

Thursday, April 3, 2008



Hope you all got my e-mail about voting to add a new position (Advanced Conference Event Coordinator) and to add new duties to the PRSA/PRSSA Liaison. Again, mea culpa!

Please see below for descriptions. Everything highlighted in red is what you need to vote on. You can post a comment (it will be anonymous) with a simple "Yes" or "No" (or "Yay" or "Nay" if you feel so inclined) to approving the below additions. Or, you can send an e-mail to (obviously not anonymous). Either way, ROCK THE VOTE!

Hope you are all thinking seriously about running for e-board! I know we've got some great talent and bright minds out there!

PRSA Liaison/Professional Outreach Coordinator:
-Be responsible for organizing the Bateman Case Competition-Communicate with other PRSSA chapters to organize regional PRSSA events
-Communicate PRSA events to the general membership and be aware of financial support available to participants
-Be able to attend PRSA Boston events regularly, and recruit members to attend
-Be responsible for networking with PRSA members and securing speakers for meetings
-Provide significant support to the Advanced Conference Event Planning Committee whenever necessary, specifically in:
-Non-BU PRSSA chapter recruitment and participation
-Professional/Speaker recruitment and participation

Advanced Conference Event Coordinator
-Should have previous Advanced Conference Planning Committee Experience
-Work with any fellow event coordinators from outside of BU
-Plan the Advanced Conference
-Manage and oversee all Advanced Conference Planning Committee activities
-Work closely with PRSA Liaison to recruit non-BU PRSSA participants and PRSA Professionals and Speakers

Thanks, guys! See you on Tuesday!